Gang Feng 北航报告会



报告题目:Event-Triggered Control with Applicationto Multi-Agent Systems



报告人:Prof.Gang Feng (City University of Hong Kong) IEEE Fellow

报告内容In this talkevent-triggered control will be first overviewed. The motivation and majorevent-triggering mechanisms will be discussed. The challenging issue onexclusion of Zeno behavior will be highlighted. Then event-triggered controlwill be considered for heterogeneous multi-agent systems. A distributed even-triggeredcontrol algorithm will be presented for output consensus of suchmulti-agent systems.It is shownthat the output consensus problem can be solved by the proposed event-triggeredcontrol algorithms if a necessary and sufficient condition is satisfied. Then aself-triggered control scheme is also developed, where continuous monitoring ofmeasurement errors can be avoided. The feasibility of both proposed control schemesis discussed by excluding Zeno behavior. A numerical example is given toillustrate the effectiveness of the proposed control schemes.



Gang Fengreceivedthe B.Eng and M.Eng. Degrees in Automatic Control from Nanjing AeronauticalInstitute, China in 1982 and in 1984 respectively, and the Ph.D. degree inElectrical Engineering from the University of Melbourne, Australia in 1992.

Professor Feng wasa Lecturer in Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 1991 and a SeniorLecturer/Lecturer, University of New South Wales, 1992-1999. He has been withCity University of Hong Kong since 2000 where he is now a Chair Professor ofMechatronic Engineering. He was also a ChangJiang Chair Professor at NanjingUniversity of Science and Technology, awarded by Ministry of Education. He hasreceived Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, the IEEE Transactions on FuzzySystems Outstanding Paper Award, the Best Paper Award of IEEE InternationalConference on Neural Networks and Signal Processing and the Best TheoreticalPaper Award in the Second World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation.He is listed as a SCI highly cited researcher by ClarivateAnalytics.He is an author of one research monograph entitled “Analysis and Synthesis ofFuzzy Control Systems: A Model Based Approach”, and over 300 SCI indexed papersincluding over 120 in IEEE Transactions. His research interests includeintelligent systems and control, networked control systems, and multi-agentsystems and control.

Professor Feng isa fellow of IEEE. He has been the Associate Editor of IEEE Trans. AutomaticControl, IEEE Trans. on Fuzzy Systems, IEEE Trans. Systems, Man,& Cybernetics, Mechatronics, Journal of SystemsScience and Complexity, and Journal of Control Theory andApplications.